Terms and Conditions


Payment Options

Credit Cards or direct deposits are accepted for all purchases. Other forms of payment are available on request. Tax invoices are provided for all sales.


Website Pricing

All Pots Wholesale Direct (PWD) prices are in Australian Dollars


Quotation Terms

All Quotes are valid for 30 days


Delivery Information

Our estimated delivery times are 7 to 14 business days upon payment. At seasonal and Public Holidays such as Christmas and Easter, delivery times may vary from normal. Please allow additional time for delivery during these peak periods. Also note that delivery may take a little longer to rural areas, so it’s best to order early. The specified delivery location must be accurate. PWD has the right charge additional fees if an incorrect delivery location is provided. Freight costs cover the delivery only and doesn’t including the removal of packaging and unpacking of items. Delivery charges vary depending on your location and the number of items. Please contact Pots Wholesale Direct to get an accurate price on delivery. All of our products must be i nspected upon delivery. PWD will not be liable for items missing, damaged items or any problems with delivery unless the Customer submits a claim in writing to PWD within 7 days of the delivery to which the claim relates to. If claim s aren’t made within th e above timeframe the items are deemed accepted by the customer and cannot be returned or refunded.


Returns & Refunds

Please contact PWD if you believe there is an issue with the item that requires returning. Any items returned will incur a 10% restocking fee and return freight must be covered by the consumer. Items cannot be returned if the Customer changes their mind. Please consider purchases carefully.


Stock Items

• All Pots must use proper usage techniques which we specify in our Pot Care Section of the website which includes proper drainage, not using inappropriate soils or clays in the pot which may greatly increase the weight, not using overweight items or plants in the pots and working within the general expected usage guidelines of a regular pot

• All Items are shipped with protective wrapping and proper packaging for their protection. Once the item has been signed for and agreed that it is in good condition the condition of the item is then up to the buyer to maintain. Please bear in min d all items will scratch or break if not treated with care which can be said for any item available to purchase

• It can be common for new cement based pots to develop a light white substance on the surface of the pot due to the manufacturing process. This usually subsides after a few months of the pot being out in the elements. This substance can easily be cleaned with a Pots Wholesale Direct damp cloth. PWD will not refund or replace pots based on this natural chemical reaction from the pots

• Our handmade pots can vary in colours, weight, shapes & finish due to the manufacturing process . PWD conducts inspections on every item before delivering however there can still be a variation from item to item due to the manufacturing process. Also every computer monitor will vary the colour of our products from the actual colour of the item you are purchasing due to their individual settings so please use this as a guide only. If you need accurate colour representation you can always visit us in store. We do not provide refunds based on shapes , colours , weight, or the finish not being what you thought it should be so place all orders carefully

• Items are still classified as functional if they can hold potting mix and house an appropriately sized plant. Items are still functional even if they become scratched or fade due to exposure to the elements such as sun, rain.

• PWD does not refund or replace items for these minor imperfections or surface cracks around the pot rim. Minor imperfections or cracks may occur around the rim of a pot as a result of the pot drying process and setting. This is not classified as a defect in the pot, it is just part of the life of the pot.

• Occasionally Pots sold will need extra reinforcement due to the size of the pot, or nature of the finish to provide the best lifespan for the pot and its plants. This can be accomplished by our custom developed plastic inserts specifically made for extra protection against the elements

• Please note that as there is a mix of handmade and custom sized pots that slight variations in the overall Height, Width, Length and Diameter can occur during the manufacturing process. We believe the tolerances to be less that 5mm in fluctuations. If you require exact measurements for a project due to a specific reason for smaller tolerances, please contact our team so we can check as there can be measures taken for even smaller tolerances .


Pot Care Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed by Pots Wholesale Direct to provide all pots sold with a longer lifespan if treated and maintained properly.

• All pots must be sealed with bondall water based bitumen sealer as per instruct ions by company. This is to avoid future imperfections in the Pots.