Sealing Your Pots

Sealing Your Pots

Why Do I Need A Sealer?

A sealer adds to the overall strength of your pots by sealing the inside of your pots to protect against naturally occurring efflorescence.

What Sealer Should I Use?

We can supply you with an amazing quality Bondall Bitumen Sealer to offer the maximum sealing strength possible shown below.


How Much Does Sealer Cost?

  • 1L Tub is $29.95 inc GST each
  • 4L Tub is $79.95 inc GST each
  • 10L Tub is $149.95 inc GST each
  • Brushes can be supplied to apply the sealer for $2.50 each

How Much Sealer Do I Need?

Speak to one of our trained professionals who can advise on the right amount for your project.

How Do I Apply The Sealer?

The following information is from the Bondall manufacturer on the correct application of bitumen sealer

  • Tack Free drying time in 60-90 mins
  • Recoat: 2-4hrs
  • Dry Film: 24hrs
  • Backfilling soil: 4 days
  • Immersed Areas: 21 days
  • Recommended 2 coats applied at different directions
  • Based at an ambient temp of 20c